Licensed Land Surveyors ensure & maintain the integrity of the cadastral boundary system of WA, performing their duties under various state government Acts including: the Land Act, Transfer of Land Act, Strata Titles Act & more.

Licensed Land Surveyors are highly qualified professionals in the field of spatial science and cadastral boundary surveys. A four year university degree to achieve a Bachelor of Spatial Science followed by at least two years of experience as a field and office surveyor, followed by a series of field and office examinations is the pre-requisite to achieve the qualification of “Licensed Land Surveyor” in Western Australia. The surveyor then needs to complete ongoing Continuing Professional Development minimum requirements in order to maintain a “practising certificate” endorsed by Landgate.

Naturaliste Land Surveys is involved in the development of land & re-establishment & creation of new boundaries through the subdivision process.  We create plans for freehold subdivisions, survey strata & built strata developments.  We provide obligation FREE quotes for the following services:

  • re-establishment survey of original land boundaries
  • feature & contour surveys
  • set out surveys of new buildings
  • engineering surveys
  • subdivision design & consultancy
  • finalisation of subdivisions including documentation & lodgments
  • project management for small scale subdivisions
  • “as-constructed” surveys

Downsize Diversity

Downsize Diversity is a new “branch” of Naturaliste Land Surveys that specialises in assisting property owners in the process of “downsizing” with the qualities of good design, sustainability and possible wealth creation.

We will provide one free initial consultation by phone or in person, within reasonable distance. We can then assist in identifying strategies and options for utilising the “concessional zoning” clauses in the R codes to enable the possibility of future subdivision. We provide professional services in preliminary surveys, site surveys, subdivision design and application lodgements, We can also create connections with designers, builders and project managers that specialise in small footprint, passive design and alternative materials dwellings. Tree retention where possible and creation of community spaces are both within our design aspirations. These strategies can create opportunities to “stay in place”, “stay in community”, realise untapped property wealth, provide real estate options for family, provide affordable and good design housing.

More information will follow shortly as this website is developed. In the meantime, if you would like to learn more, please click on ” CONTACT ” and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Strata Conversions W.A.

Prior to 1985, thousands of strata subdivision plans were created in Western Australia courtyards and driveways were automatically allocated as COMMON PROPERTY irrespective of the internal fencing locations for those courtyards and an assumption of ownership by each respective strata lot owner. In 1985, the Strata Act was amended to address this problem by facilitating a process where Licensed Land Surveyors could mathematically, accurately and legally define courtyards as part strata lots. But this did not address the problem of pre 1985 strata plans.

In 1997, a new Strata Titles Act amendment introduced the option of a STRATA CONVERSION whereby old pre 1985 Strata Plans could be updated to allocate those courtyards as part strata lots. A STRATA PLAN MERGER achieves a similar outcome but buildings are still shown on the updated Strata Plan.

STRATA CONVERSIONS WA is a new business that specialises in Strata Conversions and Mergers. The process is simple and will likely substantially improve the capital value of all strata lots concerned.

A unanimous consent of all body corporate members is required before the process can commence.

Approvals from the West Australian Planning Commission and Local Governments are not required, which means the process is relatively quick and affordable. The process is administered by a Licensed Land Surveyor who liaises with the body corporate members, a Strata Consultant and a Licensed Valuer.

If you are considering an upgrade of your Strata Scheme, feel free to give me a call or email on 041 145 0784 or It would be helpful if you could send me a complete copy of your Strata Plan. I can provide you a fixed written quote. A formal agreement from all members of the body corporate consenting the process is essential before the process can commence.”